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Late night thoughts and stuff.

January 30, 2012

I went to a family party this weekend and I saw the pictures posted on Facebook of the event. I look insanely skinny in the pictures. And I still weigh in at 292. I wonder what I’d look like at 270 or 260. Made me look forward to the day that I can get to know.

I’m adding some more cardio to my M-W-F workouts and adding a 40 minute cardio on Saturday and switching to Myoplex Light. The goal would be to see if I can get a little more fat loss in the next six weeks.

I was talking to my ex-girlfriend tonight and most of the time we talked about kids and work. After an hour or so, she mentioned she just baked a cake. I said that sounds great and that I should stop by and have a slice (if she didn’t live 3 hours away). But then I said “Except I don’t eat cake anymore.” She said that I shouldn’t restrict the foods I eat on a diet and that I should eat what I want, just less of it.

I said I’m not on a diet (A diet, in my mind, implies that it’s short term or has some sort of ending) and that I can eat whatever I want, I just choose not to eat cake anymore, in fact I really don’t even think about it anymore. I’ll get done eating dinner and think “I should turn on the Pens game” or “I should take a shower.” or “I should go out and find a lady to take a shower with me and then watch the Pens game.” I just don’t eat cookies, crackers, cake, ice cream or white bread anymore.

After that we talked about our favorite health foods and how to make them taste better without making them unhealthy. I then sent her my before/after pictures. She saw them and was just shocked by them. She said that was a significant loss and that it was just amazing.


Week 6 Photos and summary:

January 27, 2012

Overall, week 6 was pretty challenging. (I know that I still have almost half a day, but I don’t care).

I went to Chicago on Saturday and had plenty of pizza (from Uno’s), beer and chips (from the Harry Caray Restaurant) with my good buddy there who showed me around the city. Since it was my day off, I didn’t sweat it too much. I got up early the next morning and got my upper body workout done at the hotel gym. It was nice that they had dumbbells there for us.The great thing was that the next day I was walking around downtown and I asked him if he’d like to have lunch but he couldn’t. (I went to the Sears Tower and the lady there said there was no visibility in the observation deck). Anyways, we were texting our good byes and thank-yous when he said “P.S. You look great! Keep up whatever it is you’re doing, ’cause it’s working!”

After that, I picked up a cab and went back to my hotel in order to get my car out of the parking garage before they charged me for another day. I drove to St. Louis. I was unable to get a good work out in on Monday, although I did walk about two miles around downtown St. Louis that afternoon. On Tuesday, my sister and I went to her Gold’s Gym and we went early Wednesday morning as well.

(Also the Chicago Bulls won on Saturday night and the Pittsburgh Penguins won on Tuesday night, so that made the trip even better! Oh and the Ravens lost too. So yeah, awesome weekend.)

Yesterday and today I was back to normal entirely. Vacations never seem to last long enough. Although, they wouldn’t be special if I had like 6 weeks of it a year.

Here’s photos for week 6. I had no idea that the change would be that noticable. The great thing about pictures is that they don’t lie….

Week 5 Summary.

January 20, 2012

Going to Chicago and St. Louis tomorrow-Wednesday afternoon. Lots of driving involved. Hopefully, the weather won’t do very much to get in the way.

Before my HIIT cardio this morning, I took off my shorts and stepped on the scale. It said 289. I started at 308 on December 18th.

That’s 19 pounds in less than two months. I don’t really feel any differently, but man that is just amazing. I wonder if I cheated doing it before breakfast?

Even if it is, I still love the fact that it’s under 290. Next goal, getting it under 280.

Gotta be good and not eat the wrong things while I’m gone. Hopefully, I’ll drop some more by next Friday morning. πŸ™‚

Got a new bike this week as the old one broke down on Wednesday. It was kind of old and stuff. Anyways, the new is going to take some getting used to. It’s nice in all, but not what I’m used to at all. Still got a good sweat and was out of breath when I was done with HIIT this morning.

Next week will be picture time again. I wonder if I’ll be able to notice a big difference between December 18th and January 27th….

1 month in.

January 18, 2012

Today I was thinking about this being my one month “anniversary” starting Body for Life. So far I’ve had a little adversity and a little soreness and such, but so far I’ve enjoyed trying to change my life and my body.

One of the things I thought about was the fact that when I started high school, I weighed 225 lbs. The day I graduated, I weighed 230. I gained five pounds during high school. But I also grew from about 5’6 Β to 6’0. I played football and track. I loved sports and I just loved being able to hang out with a bunch of cool guys.

I miss that a lot. Especially track. I threw shot/disc and we spent a lot of time working out in the weight room and swimming. I really didn’t like high school, but looked forward to track practice after school from February to June.

After high school ended, I gained weight pretty fast. I probably weighed over 300 by the time I turned 23. But at that point it pretty much stopped. I’ve hung around 300 since then. I didn’t excercise and I didn’t eat right. I bought a weight bench with a leg extension/curl and a cable pulley thing. I didn’t use it much the last 9 years until now. It’s a nice machine and it’s that it’s now getting used a little bit.

I don’t know if I’ll accomplish my goal of weighing less than 230 lbs. by December 18, 2012, but I’m going to do my best to make it happen…

Week 4 Summary.

January 14, 2012

This week wasn’t so good. My neck, shoulder and back were in too much pain to lift this week beyond the Sunday lower body workout. I continued to do my HIIT cardio, but beyond that it was just much too painful to do anything this week.

I do miss cake and cookies a bit. Sometimes, I’ll get done eating lunch and just wish I could have a nice chocolate chip cookie to wash down my lunch. But I’ll have to settle for water instead. πŸ™‚

BTW, I love this video:

If Dr. Ron Paul put me on a diet, I’d follow. But if President Ron Paul puts me on a diet, I’d fight it tooth and nail to stop it.

Week 3 Summary:

January 7, 2012

Just another week along in the journey. My left shoulder, back and neck hurt a bit, hopefully that’ll go away soon enough. I’m going to do my lower body work out like normal and with any luck my upper body will feel better by Tuesday in order to work out then.

I’m doing some renovations in the house and carrying 5 gallon buckets full of plaster around can be a bit heavy sometimes.

That’s pretty much it for week 3. So yeah. Not much else to report on at this time.