Week 5 Summary.

Going to Chicago and St. Louis tomorrow-Wednesday afternoon. Lots of driving involved. Hopefully, the weather won’t do very much to get in the way.

Before my HIIT cardio this morning, I took off my shorts and stepped on the scale. It said 289. I started at 308 on December 18th.

That’s 19 pounds in less than two months. I don’t really feel any differently, but man that is just amazing. I wonder if I cheated doing it before breakfast?

Even if it is, I still love the fact that it’s under 290. Next goal, getting it under 280.

Gotta be good and not eat the wrong things while I’m gone. Hopefully, I’ll drop some more by next Friday morning. 🙂

Got a new bike this week as the old one broke down on Wednesday. It was kind of old and stuff. Anyways, the new is going to take some getting used to. It’s nice in all, but not what I’m used to at all. Still got a good sweat and was out of breath when I was done with HIIT this morning.

Next week will be picture time again. I wonder if I’ll be able to notice a big difference between December 18th and January 27th….


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