Late night thoughts and stuff.

I went to a family party this weekend and I saw the pictures posted on Facebook of the event. I look insanely skinny in the pictures. And I still weigh in at 292. I wonder what I’d look like at 270 or 260. Made me look forward to the day that I can get to know.

I’m adding some more cardio to my M-W-F workouts and adding a 40 minute cardio on Saturday and switching to Myoplex Light. The goal would be to see if I can get a little more fat loss in the next six weeks.

I was talking to my ex-girlfriend tonight and most of the time we talked about kids and work. After an hour or so, she mentioned she just baked a cake. I said that sounds great and that I should stop by and have a slice (if she didn’t live 3 hours away). But then I said “Except I don’t eat cake anymore.” She said that I shouldn’t restrict the foods I eat on a diet and that I should eat what I want, just less of it.

I said I’m not on a diet (A diet, in my mind, implies that it’s short term or has some sort of ending) and that I can eat whatever I want, I just choose not to eat cake anymore, in fact I really don’t even think about it anymore. I’ll get done eating dinner and think “I should turn on the Pens game” or “I should take a shower.” or “I should go out and find a lady to take a shower with me and then watch the Pens game.” I just don’t eat cookies, crackers, cake, ice cream or white bread anymore.

After that we talked about our favorite health foods and how to make them taste better without making them unhealthy. I then sent her my before/after pictures. She saw them and was just shocked by them. She said that was a significant loss and that it was just amazing.


One Response to “Late night thoughts and stuff.”

  1. Brittany @EAS Says:

    Keep up the hard work, Jerry! We’re rooting for you!

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