Am I shallow?

Tonight I had my salad while my friends had pizza. Melody asked “Are you trying to eat healthier?” I said “Yeah and working out and stuff. So that I can get chicks.”

Is it shallow of me that my biggest reason to lose weight and get in shape so that I can “get chicks”? I mean, it’s entirely possible that I’ll just go from being a fat guy unable to talk to women to being a skinny guy who is unable to talk to women. Hell, all but one of my women friends are just married to my guy friends in the first place. Otherwise, we would never hang out. The only who isn’t is my ex-girlfriend and we only started to get along when we broke up.

Also, I was thinking tonight that the amount of money I spend on Myoplex and Whey Protein isn’t nearly as much as I used to spend on beer. I only have 5 bottles of it left. Not sure how long it’ll take for me to finish it all off.


One Response to “Am I shallow?”

  1. Flatliner Says:

    You’re not shallow, we all want their attention šŸ™‚ Definitely use it as your motivation, but don’t make it the reason your doing this. Do it for you and only you… you have to love yourself before you can love anyone else, don’t forget that. With your progess, it will build your confidence, and you’ll be surprised how small talk can break the ice šŸ˜‰

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