Look what I can do now!

My pants have become so loose that it’s almost impossible to wear them without a belt on. I could only imagine what that’d be like 2 years ago. Back then I could put them on and they’d be tight around my waist. Today, different story:

Ok, that’s not much but really for me, it’s pretty awesome. I hope that some day I can dump most of my jeans off at Goodwill. But I will keep a pair for future photos like this. Finally, my face is thinner. Here’s a photo from August 18, 2010:

Here’s one from a few minutes ago:

Although to be fair to me from 2010, in that picture I was trying to look as ugly as possible. While this new photo was me clean shaven and just out of the shower.

Finally, something else I thought of a little while ago, I was reading an article about a bunch of busybodies wanting to regulate sugar as a toxin like it’s alcohol. DWSH? (Driving With Sugar High). Anyways one of the comments there mentioned health insurance. I think if I get my weight down to a low enough level, I can cut the cost of my health insurance by a bit. I would have to make a trip to the IFBF to get that change made, but shit that’d be nice. More money in the old checking and savings and investment accounts.


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