As I was changing clothes after lunch because I was getting ready to go to Menards to get more stuff for the renovations and I stepped on the scale to see if I lost any this week.

It said 292.2. The exact same weight as last week. I stepped off and stepped back on. 292.2. Again. I thought this seemed weird. So I went and put on a pair of jeans and it said 292.2. Um. Jeans apparently weigh nothing at all.

I then flipped it over and took out the batteries. And put them back in and let it reset. I took off the jeans, stepped back on again and it said 289.6. Oh yeah. Back under 290, hopefully to stay. Then I thought I’d have some fun and flipped it to kilograms. It said 131.4. So yeah, if you want to make it look like you’ve really lost weight, switch it to kilograms. 😀

Also, I must have bought up all the Myoplex Lite in Dubuque that’s not expired. I bought some “Muscle Milk”. It was okay.



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