Chicken Droppings for the Soul.

I went to Church tonight for the first time in three or four years. It’s been a really long time. Probably since some Christmas or Easter or maybe a wedding. I have no idea. I just went to see what the new priest was like. He was different. A really young, tall, handsome guy with a good voice. You would think the ladies would be all over that guy.

I really enjoyed the first reading from the book of Job. It was adequately depressing, ending with the line: “I shall not see happiness again.” The word of the Lord. Thanks be to God.

Anyways, during the sermon, the priest talked about how important dedication is in our lives because Jesus had the dedication to go out and help the people of Galilee (the Gospel reading this week). That a lot of us don’t have the dedication to see things through because we’re not disciplined enough. And he started talking about how February usually sees an end to those “resolutions” people made a month earlier, if they even made it this far. He said that if we want to have big accomplishments, we have to be dedicated in our lives. And of course we have to be dedicated to be good husbands, wives, parents, etc.

It’s kind of weird he talked about that because I was thinking this afternoon during the Pens game about what it will take for me to go from over 300 lbs. to under 200 lbs. And one of the things I thought of was dedication, along with effort, good choices, discipline and desire. There will be days in the year ahead where I’ll want to say “Aw fuck it, let’s go to Hardees and get a Monster Burger or go to Culver’s and get a Pork Tenderloin Sandwich.” But if I stay dedicated, I will remember that being skinnier and healthier is better than having a hamburger for a few minutes.I think that we should always remember that food is temporary. Our bodies need to last our whole lives.


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