Week 7 Summary.

Overall, I think I just had my best week yet. I’m back down to 289.6 yesterday and as I go along, it feels like every week, I’m more and more motivated to do better and not give up. Sure, it’s hard to drag my fat ass out of bed early in the morning and go do my workouts, but if I didn’t, I would regret it and be upset with myself. Also today is Saturday and it is my free day. I had grilled cheese for lunch. And I ate one of those Little Debbie cakes my grandma got everyone for Christmas. Only 2 more of them left. But otherwise, I stuck with the breakfast, the mid-morning snack and mid-afternoon snack.

Changing topics a bit, I bought this Steelers shirt last year that didn’t fit. Today, it fits very comfortably. I’m also wearing some other shirts that a year ago were too tight. Meanwhile, some of my fat shirts are becoming workout shirts. And my big comfy shirts are almost too big now.

So yeah, ready to start week 8. Can’t wait to see how well I do this week.


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