Birthday rap up and some other thoughts.

It was a pretty good birthday. I broke the rules on Monday night, but as someone in the forum pointed out, it’s Body for LIFE. A birthday is a once a year celebration. I think one of the big problems that people have is assuming it’s only going to last 12 weeks. And really, it’s a 12 week challenge. And I think the first 12 weeks is just the starting point.

I’ll be proud of myself when week 12 ends. That’s three months of eating right and working out every day. But I know that there’s a long journey ahead of me and that I can’t stop at week 12 or even take a break. I have to keep working and eating right. My birthday showed me that I can celebrate a little, but the next morning at 6:30, I was in the basement doing my weight lifting.

Furthermore, I pretty much don’t drink anymore either. I still love beer, but I just don’t feel the need to have one every single day anymore. Didn’t even have one for my birthday. Last summer, I was drinking several a day. Then this fall I got it down to about one a day. Now it’s about one a week. Beer just adds more carbs and calories to the diet. Something I can avoid by just having water instead.

Finally, nothing feels better than flexing my arms and feeling muscles that weren’t there a few months ago. Yeah, it’s sort of being visually blocked by the fat in my arms, but that’s one of the things I hope to get rid of eventually.

Also, I forgot something when I first published this, my ex and I were chatting again tonight and she asked if I had been on a date lately and I said “No, I’m trying to focus on working out, eating right and doing the renovations.” And she said that was very admirable of me. I have this bad habit of being kind of narrow minded in the sense that I’ll get interested in something and only be interested in that one thing. Last winter it was playing World of Warcraft, this year it’s working out, being healthier and stuff. I hope this last longer than playing WoW did for me.


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