The Friday morning weigh in.

A week ago I was at 289.6. Today it’s 286.8. With a starting weight of 307.2, I have now dropped 20.4 lbs. since starting on December 18th. I remember two weeks ago I was sort of disappointed that I was at 289 at the end of week 5, then it went up to 292 after week 6, then last Friday it was 289 again.

For the first month, I avoided the scale entirely because I didn’t want to get frustrated about how I was doing. I wonder though how much of it was lost because I drastically cut out junk like sweets, white bread, white rice, cake, ice cream, candy, cookies and a daily bottle of beer. That stuff alone has to have some effect, right?

Also, despite cheating on my birthday night, I still managed almost 3 pounds of loss this week. Not too shabby. The amazing thing is that I still look forward to working out every day. Also, I love this video of Bill Phillips on “This Week in Books”:


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