Week 8 Summary.

Is there any better start to a Saturday morning than 40 minutes of moderate cardio and a couple pancakes and some whey protein? I don’t think so. Unless there’s some sex involved, which, yeah, I’m not getting any. 😛

Anyways, besides last night, it was a pretty good week. Workouts were all good, besides my birthday night, stuck with the good food and overall, I feel really good. I don’t have any major aches or pains right now, muscles are sore, but that’s to be expected. It seems like every time I flex my arms, there’s more muscle there and in my legs at well. When I walk by the mirror it seems like there’s less of me. So yeah, it’s finally starting to feel like I’ve made progress. That was the problem with the first seven or so weeks, it felt like I had made minor progress, now it’s really starting to show, I think.

So yeah, I can’t believe that week 9 is starting tomorrow already. Next week at this time, I’ll be 3/4 of the way through the first twelve weeks.


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