Just keep working at it.

It’s been a pretty average week so far. I’ll step on the scale tomorrow morning (which lately has been a good motivator) and then Saturday is my free day. We’re taking my dad out for his birthday Saturday night so that should be fun.

I think one of the hard parts for me is looking in the mirror and not being disappointed. Not so much because I haven’t made progress, but because it’s been almost 10 weeks and I don’t feel like I’ve really transformed all that much. As much as I like the compliments from people who say I look skinnier and better, it just seems like when I look in the mirror I just see the same old me. I always knew that 12 weeks would be just the beginning, but in a way I kind of wanted more.

I know some people take pictures every week. I just can’t do that. I would get too frustrated with the lack of change and would probably not notice the change from week 1 to week 8 or week 9 or week 11…

So I got about two more weeks of the first challenge left. I’m looking forward to starting challenge 2. Of course, the real challenge is keeping it going for the long haul…


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