Week 12 and Challenge 1 Summary.

Week 12 was a bit of a pain. First there was the whole shoulder pain thing to deal with and then on Thursday night I caught a pretty nasty cold. I basically spent Friday sick, I didn’t work out and I didn’t really follow the diet at all. Not that I overate or anything. I just ate some unauthorized foods. However, today I’ve basically stuck with it, not really leaving my comfort zone as far as food goes.

And that’s pretty much it for Challenge 1. I read up on Active Rest and I think that would be a good idea going forward the next week or two. As much as I’m itching to keep weight lifting, it’ll be nice to take a break from it and give the muscles some time to heal. I don’t feel a whole lot different, but from the pictures, I look a whole lot different. I look so different I hardly recognize myself. 273 pounds is still entirely too much, but to think where I started, probably well over 310 around Thanksgiving, 307.2 by mid-December when I started the challenge, 289 at my birthday and now 273 pounds today. (Although next Tuesday instead of veggie pizza, I’m gonna get a Happy Joe’s BLT pizza to celebrate)

So yeah, I would say that Challenge 1 was a complete success and now I’ll have a week or two of active rest and then I’ll get Challenge 2 started. I thought the food would by the hardest part and at first it was, but now after 12 weeks, the food is pretty much second nature to me. The hard part a lot of days is getting up and working out first thing in the morning. I think the active rest thing will be a good chance to rebuild my energy a bit.


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