C2 Week 1 Summary/Weight. Week 15 overall.

I was 268 a week ago, today I’m 264.8. So that’s 3.2 pounds in one week. During active rest, I ate a few things I shouldn’t. But I’m now back to lifting so I’m trying to eat clean again. But I’m sure I lost a few pounds off my face, I bought a ten dollar beard trimmer and I trimmed my goatee on Tuesday. So it looks a bit neater and stuff.

I went out to a club Thursday night and I met a young lady there and was talking to her a little bit. She thought I was about 25 years old. I told her I’m 32. She said I looked really good for my age.

My sister is visiting from St. Louis today, so I’m looking forward to a nice free day, which will include a nice meal out tonight, with maybe a beer. Then tomorrow’s my Grandma’s 88th birthday party, so I get to impress relatives with my slightly less flabby body. 😀

Update: So I talked to my mom and found out my sister is not visiting this weekend. Bummer. Oh well, I’ll probably just have pizza tonight.


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