I just like to look at the weights and hope it works.

I was just watching a video with Joel Hanrahan giving a tour of the Pirates Spring Training facilities and he said that about the weight room. I agree. Just look at them and hope they work there. Hanrahan has such a great Iowa-ish type attitude. Glad he’s the Buccos closer.

I went to my grandma’s 88th birthday party today and had some cake/ice cream. It meant I missed the Pens and Bulls getting their butts kicked. Considering both are in the playoffs already that’s fine. I think the Bulls are still without Rose and Hamilton. Meanwhile, the Pens I watched them jump out to an early 2-0 lead. It was 2-1 when I went to eat lunch and get ready to leave. I’m glad I missed the bad stuff there.

So the family party was cool. Most people didn’t say anything, which is fine with me. I just want people to say “Oh, there’s Jerry all studly now and stuff.” I just don’t like compliments. Compliment me on something important, like “Good job having a job, a nice car and having cool friends.”


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