C2 W4 Week 18.

Last week I was at 260.2. This morning it’s 256.8. That’s 3.4 pounds in a week. I sometimes wonder if I’m not eating enough. I mean, I get a little hungry around the time I should be eating, but otherwise, I feel okay. Especially if I get all the water I need. I dunno.

This past week, the workouts have been pretty good. Even with my basement having some renovations done (having a geothermal heating/cooling unit and new duct work installed), I’ve been able to get all of my workouts in first thing in the morning. For now, the shoulders have returned to normal, hopefully I’ll have nothing to say about them for a while.

Also, I’m able to fit in to a size 40 pants and XL shirt for the first time since high school. Sure both of them are a little tight, but they are are slimming compared to the XXXL shirt and 46 jeans I could wear. I think I’m starting to be a bit disappointed in myself that I let myself go like that for the better part of a decade. I thought the 250’s were pretty light weight 4 months ago. Now I realize that even in the 250’s, I’m not skinny and I’m not light weight. However, I feel great. I wake up in the morning and I don’t feel sore and tired. My back isn’t as stiff, my knees aren’t cracking, my hip isn’t sore. It feels like I’ve returned to my early 20’s. Minus 50 pounds…

I mentioned back in January I was at 230 a few days before graduation. But part of that was I was in football and track. When the school year began, I was 260. I’m now lighter than the day I started playing football in August of 1997. I find it very satisfying that I’m where I was when I was in high school. If only I could go back and ask that girl out and do better in that one class, then things would be….probably the same as they are now.



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