C2 W5 Week 19.

Last week I was at 256.8. This morning I’m at 254.6. So that’s 2.2 in a week. At this pace, I could be under 250 in two or three weeks. That’s awesome when I think back to December of last year and thought 230 by Christmas 2012 would be awesome. Overall, it was a tough week thanks to work. Hopefully, today will be a bit less work centric. Maybe have an afternoon off today. Maybe. In a week, it’ll be time to do pictures and measurements as I reach the half way point of challenge number two.

So far, I’ve noticed changes everywhere. Most notably in my upper chest, upper back and arms. They’re all more muscular and thinner. The legs seem a bit thinner, but they were already pretty muscular compared to the rest of the body. I guess when you weigh 300 pounds, something needs to hold up the rest of the body. Even my mid-section, which I’m a bit disappointed in has started to shrink a bit. I’ve noticed the six pack abs trying to peak out a bit near the top. And even better, I’m really starting to feel thinner and that’s the best part so far.


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