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C2 W9 Week 23.

May 26, 2012

A week ago I was at 247.8. This morning I’m at 245.4. So yeah, 2.4 pounds in a week and I’ve now lost over 60 pounds since December 18th. I’m thinking right now that if I can get to under 240 by the end of week 12, I think that’d be amazing.

Overall, not too shabby for missing some workouts. Right now, I have a sore leg. I was able to do lower body workout on Sunday, which I think triggered it. I did cardio on Monday and upper body on Tuesday. On Wednesday I did cardio even though I was sore. On Thursday morning my leg was so sore, I could barely walk. I was lucky I still had that cane my mom gave me for right after my ACL surgery five years ago. Then yesterday I missed another cardio.

So yeah, good nutrition is probably the single most important part of Body for Life.

I talked to my ex-girlfriend last night. She says she wants to lose weight. I looked at her facebook pictures. I guess she could stand to lose some weight. I don’t think she needs to. She’s super hot anyways, not that she cares much at all what I think.

Finally, I love it when the Pirates beat the Cubs, which is what happened last night. Luckily for me, I’m in Cubs territory so I can watch the game tonight if they win. Sister is in town so we’re all going out for dinner tonight!


C2 W8 Week 22.

May 19, 2012

I was at 249.6 a week ago. This morning it’s 247.8, so 1.8 pounds in a week. I didn’t do a great job with nutrition this past week. Probably too much pizza and not enough veggies. Last night I fell asleep before I got my final meal of the day in and I went about 5.5 hours between lunch and mid afternoon snack. Work was a real bitch this week. Next week, it should be better. No guarantees there, but it should be better.

And last night Justin Verlander nearly no hit the Pirates. I got home in time to see the 8th and 9th innings where Josh Harrison broke it up with 1 out in the 9th. I have to say I’m still shocked that it hasn’t happened since 1971, especially when you consider some of the awful teams the Pirates have fielded since 1992. In fact, there are only three teams that haven’t been no-hit since 1978: the Pirates, Cubs and Phillies. Which is really crazy considering some of the awful teams those three clubs have put out there. And the 1971 Pirates, they only went on to win the World Series that year. I’m really rooting for someone to no-hit the Cubs someday soon, then the Pirates will have the longest running no-hit streak.

Of course, they’ll probably get no-hit on Sunday…

Bad day.

May 17, 2012

Yesterday was a pretty bad day for me. I got m workout in yesterday morning. I ate right at breakfast and my mid morning snack. But after that I was pretty bad. I ate pizza for lunch. Not a lot of pizza, but still it was pizza then I missed the mid afternoon snack. For dinner I had chicken enchiladaswith no veggies and a cookie. Then I had some beer. It was a tough day at work. I could have done better. It was probably the first non free day since New Years where I didnt eat right Most of the day…..

C2 W7. Week 21.

May 12, 2012

So, week 21 is in the books. I was at 252.2 a week ago. This morning I’m at 249.6. Yep, I’m under 250 for the first time this century! Wooo! I’m starting to really feel lighter too and even better, I’m starting to feel stronger. I’ve had a stiff neck for the last week or so, not too sure what that’s about. It might just be a sleeping thing or the fact that I have to turn my head a lot for work lately…

I’ve already really enjoyed being able to wear old clothes I haven’t worn since my late teens. What few clothes I’ve held on to for that long, plus clothes I got over the years that never fit right now do. So that’s a good feeling.

If I put on some of my fat clothes at this point, they make me look fat, while if I wear smaller clothes, they look slimming on me. So yeah, I’ve tried to wear smaller clothes the last few weeks.

C2 W6. Week 20.

May 5, 2012

Well then, last week I was at 254.6 and now I’m at 252.2. That’s 2.4 pounds in a ¬†week and that’s 15.8 pounds since the start of the challenge and 55 pounds since the beginning. I’m now half way through Challenge 2. It’s really hard to believe I started 20 weeks ago and it’s already May 5th. Overall, I don’t think I did too good on nutrition this week, but I really pushed it on the workouts. So that’s probably what counts. Anyways, I lost 2.5 inches in the last week six week at the waist and two inches off my chest.

Pictures are in as well…

The changes between week 1, way back in December and today are just huge. In a lot of ways I don’t feel any different. I can’t wear the pants I wore back then, but I can still fit in most of my shirts comfortably. I went to the Avengers last night (which was freaking awesome, finally the Hulk in a good movie) and the movie theater seats seem bigger than last time. I have a lot less pain in my back, knees and hips. So yeah, keep it going here.