C2 W9 Week 23.

A week ago I was at 247.8. This morning I’m at 245.4. So yeah, 2.4 pounds in a week and I’ve now lost over 60 pounds since December 18th. I’m thinking right now that if I can get to under 240 by the end of week 12, I think that’d be amazing.

Overall, not too shabby for missing some workouts. Right now, I have a sore leg. I was able to do lower body workout on Sunday, which I think triggered it. I did cardio on Monday and upper body on Tuesday. On Wednesday I did cardio even though I was sore. On Thursday morning my leg was so sore, I could barely walk. I was lucky I still had that cane my mom gave me for right after my ACL surgery five years ago. Then yesterday I missed another cardio.

So yeah, good nutrition is probably the single most important part of Body for Life.

I talked to my ex-girlfriend last night. She says she wants to lose weight. I looked at her facebook pictures. I guess she could stand to lose some weight. I don’t think she needs to. She’s super hot anyways, not that she cares much at all what I think.

Finally, I love it when the Pirates beat the Cubs, which is what happened last night. Luckily for me, I’m in Cubs territory so I can watch the game tonight if they win. Sister is in town so we’re all going out for dinner tonight!


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