Week 28.

Last week I was at 236.6. Today I’m at 235.4. Overall, good progress, but I didn’t do too well food wise yesterday and Thursday. Thursday evening I had a hamburger and bratwurst, both on white buns. Then yesterday, I had Mac ‘n Cheese and a hotdog. I would be disappointed in myself if I wasn’t so exhausted from work. 12 and 13 hour days are just taking it out of me. Yesterday morning, I woke up with a leg cramp that hung around for a long time and I decided to not work out.

Work has been making it very hard to care much about BFL, which is why I’m gonna be on AR for three weeks after this. Just as soon as work starts to slow down a bit, I’m going on vacation. I wouldn’t be surprised if I’m back up to 240 by the time I start Challenge 3 on July 22nd. I’ll try to be mostly good, but yeah, that might be hard to do.


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