AR Week 1. Week 29.

Last week I was at 235.4. This morning I’m at 232.8. I didn’t really eat that well this past week, but I really didn’t eat a whole lot. I’ve had beer pretty much every day this past week, but I’ve also drank over a gallon of water every day because I’ve been working outside in the 100+ degree heat 12 hours a day the last four days. I’ve been so exhausted that I haven’t had the energy to work out since Tuesday morning. Anyways, I’m not sure how I’ll do this coming week.

One nice thing is that due to not lifting weights, my arms, shoulders and back aren’t as sore as they were a week ago.


One Response to “AR Week 1. Week 29.”

  1. Flatliner Says:

    JR, your hard work is paying off! Great job. I know it could be tough, but one thing I have tried to do, even though you may fall of the wagon is make sure to eat your six meals… make sure you keep your protein levels up and carbs down, so you don’t burn any muscle off! Stay focused and cool! PS… you weigh less than me now! :0 🙂

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