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C3 W8/9. Weeks 40/41.

September 29, 2012

I guess I haven’t done a very good job at keeping this old blog up to date. Oh well, it’s hard to do with work and everything. And by everything, well, I’ll get to that.

Two weeks ago I was at 220 even. Last week, I was down to 218.6 and this morning I’m down to 217. Last week was pretty brutal, I ended up getting hurt last Thursday and it lasted until Tuesday this week. It was mostly a short term thing, thankfully. A few years ago, I injured my lower back and it eventually healed itself. But I occasionally injure it again for a week or so at a time, it’ll be very painful to stand, walk, lay down, sit up straight and what-not. So I missed work outs Thursday, Friday, Sunday and Monday. Did upper body on Tuesday since that’s what I missed on Thursday, been keeping it going since then.

Everything. I haven’t really mentioned it here much, but the Pirates had a pretty incredible season the first four months this year. It culminated with a 5-0 one hitter in Chicago against the Cubs on July 31st and on August 8th, they were still 63-47, or 16 games over .500. It didn’t seem like they were about to collapse. Maybe come down to earth a little bit, but full on collapse? No. But since August 8th, they’ve been 13-34, the worst record in baseball. 11 days later they were still in it when they won a 19 inning game. They’ve gone 9-27 since then. I’ve waited 20 years for a winning season from this team and just when it looked like they would do it, they failed at it. But I have to say that I’ve done a good job not drinking beer after beer while watching it. Trying to forget about all the problems associated with the losing and stuff. Two years ago, I sat in my chair and drank beer after beer after beer. A lot of times I’d have a six pack a night. These days, beer is a once a week sort of thing.


C3 W7. Week 39.

September 17, 2012

On Saturday morning I was down to 220, from 221.6 last week. My cousin said I looked weirdly skinnier than the week before. Like I had crossed some threshold. I told him I was just sucking it in and when he said threshold, I told him that I watched the Star Trek Voyager episode Threshold and threw up everything i had eaten for several days. Haha.

It was a rough weekend. Saturday I was up from 2:00 in the morning (after 3 hours of sleep) until about 10:00 that night. Then yesterday I was up early for some reason and we all went to the family picnic and I took a brisk walk around Eagle Point Park and played Bean Bag Toss and all that. I ended up falling asleep last night around 8:30. I woke up around 4:00 and brushed my teeth. Even though yesterday wasn’t a free day, I had burgers, brats and chips at the picnic. I went to bed so early last night that I didn’t get around to my last meal. Now it’s time to get back on track for the week.

Week 7 was pretty good. Worked hard and ate right for the most part. Hopefully the rest of week 8 will be less busy and stuff. But probably not.

C3 W6. Week 38

September 10, 2012

I cannot believe that’s been 6 weeks already. Feels like I just got started. I was 224.2 last Saturday. This past Saturday I was 221.6. So yeah, not too shabby with the weight and stuff. In the first six weeks I’ve dropped 8.8 pounds! That would have been discouraging back in February and March, but today I feel like as I get closer to what I would like to weigh in at, it’s going to take longer to cut weight. Overall, I’m doing well with food, workouts and everything. Work is as busy as ever and so finding time to write up this summary and take halftime photos sort of fell by the wayside this past Saturday.

I took some and will post all the pictures at the end of the challenge. I guess what motivated me to check in was a woman on the BFL website who did a good job going from 300 to 285 pounds. So yeah if anyone is actually reading this: Keep up the hard work. And enjoy yourself too.

C3 W5. Week 37

September 1, 2012

A week ago I was at 224.2. This morning I’m at 224.2. I think this is the first time where my weight stayed the same over the course of a week. Overall, it was a good week.

I got a long day ahead of me here, I’m driving to Milwaukee this afternoon. Going to tailgate there and have some fun. Then hopefully, the Pirates will actually win a game at Miller Park and then we’ll cap it off with driving back to Iowa, from about 9 to midnight….