A week off. Week 45. Active Rest Week 46.

Last week, I decided to do a bit of inactive rest. I was beat and work was taking up a lot of hours and I just needed some time away from it all. So I basically stuck to the eating rules, minus working out and I broke the rules during the week several times.

But now I’m on active rest, which I’ll probably stick to for the next few weeks. I’d like to hold off on Challenge 4 until after Thanksgiving, but I might start the 18th anyways. I’m not really sure yet. Here’s what I was thinking for rest:

Challenge 3…
Week 1: Rest
Week 2: Active rest, HIIT cardio MWF
Week 3: Active rest, HIIT cardio MWF, Pushups, situps and pullups on STT.
Week 4: Active rest, Same as week 3.
Week 5: HIIT cardio MWF, Warm-up weight lifting on STT
Challenge 4…

That will give me a week off and a chance to slowly get back in to it. I’ve noticed the last two weeks, my muscles have grown a bit on my arms. So that probably the rest probably helped a ton. The hard part will be the Christmas-New Year’s stuff during a challenge, but I survived last year. And really it’s only about four days out of the whole freaking thing.

Otherwise, feeling good. I just work wasn’t such a damn pain the ass right now. Some day, I’d quit if I didn’t work for my dad.


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