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C4 W5. Week 54.

December 29, 2012

A week ago I was at 207.8. This morning I’m at 209.2. Overall I had some good productive workouts, but I didn’t do well with the eating. Christmas Eve night I had a lot of junk plus a lot of brandy. I didn’t get much sleep that night, about four hours. So then Christmas day, I was hung over and had a lot of sugary junk at my grandparents house. Throw in a four year old jumping on me and generally beating me up and I had a helluva headache by around 4. The day after Christmas, besides helping my sister and her future husband pack so that they could leave to head back to St. Louis, I didn’t do much which was awesome. Wednesday – Friday, I was back to normal eating.

This weekend, I’m going to take my day off from food on Sunday. Today I’ll keep eating right. I’m having my workout day off today. My uncle is having his big annual holiday party on Sunday so I figure I should make that my day off instead, it’ll be the first time I’ve done this (having my food day off on some other day), so we will see how it goes.

I’m also excited because I have a date next week with yet another girl I’ve been chatting with on POF. I only messaged her at first because she had a photo of herself at an Iowa Hawkeyes football game. I’m a sucked for girls in black and gold.

On January 12th, I’m heading to Chicago for a day to see Joel Hodgson’s Riffing Myself show. I’m really excited about that. Plus a friend of mine is letting me use his couch. So yeah, that’s pretty exciting too.

Just a lot of great stuff coming up here. 2013 is gonna be awesome, I believe…


C4 W4. Week 53!

December 22, 2012

Last week I was at 208.6. This morning I’m at 207.8. It was a pretty good week, which included my one year anniversary starting BFL on December 18th. Next week I will be changing my weight lifting exercises after four weeks with one routine.

Christmas and New Year’s coming up the next two weeks, gotta try my best to avoid too much junk food. My sister is coming here from St. Louis this weekend until Wednesday. Her future husband is one of those guys who can eat a ton and not gain any weight. He’s what I would call a bad influence. Then the 30th of January is the big annual New Year’s party at my uncle’s place which is mostly lots of food with sugar and fat and some football to boot.

Cute story from this past week, I was at my best friend’s house and I was talking to his four year old son. His son said he’s going to play football when he’s older and I flexed my arm and said he’s going to need to get some big guns like these to play football. He flexed his arms and made “pew pew” sounds. I’d like to have some even bigger guns myself…

C4 W3. Week 52!

December 15, 2012

A week ago I was at 206.4. This morning I’m at 208.2. So yeah, after last week’s dental induced pain, I was able to return to my normal eating habits and that resulted in a little bit of weight gain. I hope that it means I gained muscle. On Sunday morning, I added weight to my bench press and incline bench press. Like I said when this challenge started, I want to gain muscle more than lose weight.

Overall, after the hangover on Sunday, it ended up being a pretty good week. I decided not to drink any alcohol this Saturday. But I am going to have some pizza, which I’m really looking forward to.

The Hangover.

December 9, 2012

Last night I was watching The Big Lebowski. I decided to make a White Russian during it. I guess either I made it too strong or the loss of almost 100 pounds and only drinking once a week has turned me in to a light weight. And throw in the few beers I had at the Shot Tower so that’s why I ended up getting drunk last night. So this morning, I basically was hungover all morning. Then the Steelers game didn’t help at all making me feel better. It was just an all day nasty feeling. I had never worked out hungover. It was good, but I was worried every time I lifted a dumbbell, I thought I might let out all the liquor and food from last night.

So yeah, no more White Russians for a while.

C4 W2. Week 51: Embrace the Suck!

December 8, 2012

A week and a day ago I was at 209. This morning I’m at 206.4. Most of that is probably due to the fact that I didn’t eat much after a visit to the dentist on Tuesday. I went to do a check up last Tuesday and then this Tuesday I went to have some work done. It was painful and I didn’t feel like eating much Tuesday-Thursday because my mouth was still sore. Yesterday I finally was able to return to eating like normal. In the words of my mom, I’m a big baby…

The weekend in St. Louis was awesome. We did all sorts of things and we enjoyed one of the best, if not the best football games I’ve seen in person. I mean, the Rams on offense did nothing to deserve to win that game and they won anyways. The defense got a safety. The defense got a touchdown. The Special teams kicked two field goals. Okay, the offense got the critical two point conversion. But that’s about it.

Otherwise it was an entirely too short visit to my sister’s place. We drank plenty of beer and had plenty of food on Saturday. Sunday I did my best to eat healthy. I’m not sure if fried onion rings count, but yeah, that’s all I had at the Stadium restaurant at the casino next to the stadium.

With the one year anniversary coming up in a few weeks, I’m thinking of how to do something special with it. I might make a youtube video just showing a bunch of photos of myself in the last year.