C4 W2. Week 51: Embrace the Suck!

A week and a day ago I was at 209. This morning I’m at 206.4. Most of that is probably due to the fact that I didn’t eat much after a visit to the dentist on Tuesday. I went to do a check up last Tuesday and then this Tuesday I went to have some work done. It was painful and I didn’t feel like eating much Tuesday-Thursday because my mouth was still sore. Yesterday I finally was able to return to eating like normal. In the words of my mom, I’m a big baby…

The weekend in St. Louis was awesome. We did all sorts of things and we enjoyed one of the best, if not the best football games I’ve seen in person. I mean, the Rams on offense did nothing to deserve to win that game and they won anyways. The defense got a safety. The defense got a touchdown. The Special teams kicked two field goals. Okay, the offense got the critical two point conversion. But that’s about it.

Otherwise it was an entirely too short visit to my sister’s place. We drank plenty of beer and had plenty of food on Saturday. Sunday I did my best to eat healthy. I’m not sure if fried onion rings count, but yeah, that’s all I had at the Stadium restaurant at the casino next to the stadium.

With the one year anniversary coming up in a few weeks, I’m thinking of how to do something special with it. I might make a youtube video just showing a bunch of photos of myself in the last year.


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