C4 W4. Week 53!

Last week I was at 208.6. This morning I’m at 207.8. It was a pretty good week, which included my one year anniversary starting BFL on December 18th. Next week I will be changing my weight lifting exercises after four weeks with one routine.

Christmas and New Year’s coming up the next two weeks, gotta try my best to avoid too much junk food. My sister is coming here from St. Louis this weekend until Wednesday. Her future husband is one of those guys who can eat a ton and not gain any weight. He’s what I would call a bad influence. Then the 30th of January is the big annual New Year’s party at my uncle’s place which is mostly lots of food with sugar and fat and some football to boot.

Cute story from this past week, I was at my best friend’s house and I was talking to his four year old son. His son said he’s going to play football when he’s older and I flexed my arm and said he’s going to need to get some big guns like these to play football. He flexed his arms and made “pew pew” sounds. I’d like to have some even bigger guns myself…


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