C4 W9. Week 59.

A week ago I was 209. This week I’m at 208.6. Good week at getting back to my routine. Looking forward to checking out the local Gold’s Gym tomorrow and Monday morning.

I’m at my sister’s place in St. Louis. We are having a Super Bowl party tomorrow night and then on Wednesday my parents are probably taking me out for dinner for my birthday. Sadly, because I’m here I’m going to miss my grandparents anniversary party. Last year’s was the one where I thought I looked crazy skinnier at 292 pounds. But yeah, nutrition might not be great this week. Seems like I’ve done well since the end of the holidays in all. Last year I watched the Super Bowl at home by myself so I was able to avoid the whole “party” food thing. But this year I’m cooking up my famous salsa dip, so we will see how well I do. I did bring some healthy food along so I should do okay tomorrow and Monday.

And even worse? It’s the Ravens and 49er’s in the Super Bowl. As a Steelers fan, no matter who wins, I won’t like it. If the 49er’s win, they’ll tie the Steelers for the most Super Bowl wins. If the Ravens win, well, barf. At least we beat them this season in Baltimore. I was really hoping for a Falcons-Patriots Super Bowl. When the playoffs started, I thought it would be the Broncos and Packers. Oh well it’s just football. As long as I don’t have to watch a Cubs-Red Sox World Series any time soon, it’s not too bad.


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