C4 W10/W11. Weeks 60 and 61.

Two weeks ago I was at 208.6. Due to a bit of overeating/beer drinking most of the week of the Super Bowl and my birthday, I ended up at 211.4 a week ago. My sore back made a comeback last Thursday and Friday as well. It wasn’t a good week. After a good week this one, I’m down to 209.4. I missed doing an update last Saturday because I was excited about trying out the birthday present I got for myself, a beer making kit. Last year’s project got started in December of 2011 (BFL). This year’s new project is getting started in February. I’m making a Hefeweizen style beer off a kit I got from a local home brewing store. One of my goals for the next decade is to have a new project every year to work on, either long term or even short term. In 2011, I got my finances in order and they’ve stayed there since then. In 2012, I got my weight in order. This year, it will be beer making. I’m not quitting BFL, I’m just adding to my life. Maybe in 2014, I’ll have kids…

Looking forward to a good final week here. Looking in the mirror, I think I made some progress this time. It’s not coming out on the scale, but I feel skinnier despite not “losing weight” this challenge.

My plan going forward is to take a week off, have three weeks of no weight lifting active rest and then start Challenge 5 on March 24th. Unless something goes wrong, that challenge would end on June 15th. At that point, my parents will be going on Vacation and I will have to run the family biz while they’re gone and they will be back on July 4th. Then I take my vacation the weekend of July 10-15. I will probably take five weeks off from Challenges and get started on Challenge #6 on July 22nd.

It’s always best to plan ahead. I’m sort of OCD like that…


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