C4 W12! Challenge 4 Summary!

A week ago I was at 209.4 pounds. This morning I’m at 208. When this challenge started back on November 25th, I was 210.4 pounds. So in the last 12 weeks I lost 2.4 pounds. I think though that when I take the pictures later today that I will look different enough to make the lack of “weight loss” unimportant. I did drop down to 206 early in this challenge, but I think that was mostly the result of not eating much after some dental work I had done.

I’m just so amazed that I’ve been doing this for so long. It’s been 433 days since I got started. At first it was a challenge and a project for myself. Now it’s a way of life, the way I decide what to eat, the time I spend working out, the less alcohol I drink, it’s all part of how I live now. I do miss the old ways sometimes, which is why this coming week, it’ll be nice to have a week off and eat some of the things I don’t get to eat much. I don’t miss being unable to get comfortable in bed and stay asleep. I don’t miss not being able to fit in to clothes. I don’t miss being almost too big for my car. I’m probably never going to look like one of the guys in a magazine or a book, no matter how hard I try. But if I stay around 210 pounds and feel comfortable, that’ll be great.

As for this challenge, it was difficult sometimes. Road trips, Christmas, New Year’s, Birthday, Super Bowl, etc. This challenge ended up lasting 13 weeks because of the sore back last month. I would grade myself with an A in each of the first three challenges. This one, I’d grade myself with a B+. It was good, but I could have done a lot better. I think the next challenge will be good to get me back to trying to do better.


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