Week 65.

A week ago I was at 212.6. This morning I’m at 211.8. I still had too much beer this week, although I did cut down on it compared to the last couple of weeks, mostly because I’m pretty much all out of the store bought beer. I have enough bottles of the home brew to have one every day through Easter Sunday. I still have one more person I told he could have one. Batch number two will bottled on Monday or Tuesday this week.

I think if I can stick to one bottle everyday, I shouldn’t be in too bad of shape at the end of Challenge 5. Also this Active Rest has been great for my back. Not sore or anything. Also I might buy my own house. I’m going to look at it this afternoon. It’s a small house and I hope there’s enough room for all my stuff, especially my weights and home beer making operation. So it could be time for a major change in my life. The house I’m looking at had been up for sale before, the owner wanted over $120,000 for it. He’s now down to $90,000, which is a lot more reasonable considering how old and small the house is. I can probably do some fixing up on it if I need to before I move in. That is if I buy the house in the first place.


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