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Challenge 2 is the books! (C2 W12 Week 26)

June 16, 2012

It is official, I’ve finished two challenges! And I finish this one off in fine style by dropping from 240.2 last week to 239.2 this week. I’m now under 240! Which is a great way to finish it off. Since the beginning back in December I’ve gone from 307.2 to 239.2, which is 68 pounds. Furthermore, I started challenge 2 back in March at 268 and so I’ve dropped 28.8 pounds just during this challenge. That’s six fewer pounds than Challenge 1, but it’s still a pretty good job, I’d say.

Measurements, I’ve dropped from 52 to 47.5 on my waist, My chest dropped from 47 to 43.5, Hips dropped from 48.5 to 44.5, right arm dropped from 16 to 14 and my right leg dropped from 25 to 20.5.

The most gratifying thing are the clothes. I can actually fit in to XL t-shirts now. In fact, I bought a new one yesterday. I never thought I’d reach this point again. And I’m now fitting comfortably in to size 40 pants, another thing I never thought I’d do. I might fit in size 38 pants before I know it.

I’m going to keep working out for another two weeks and then take three weeks of active rest. Work is gonna get crazy busy during active rest, we’re basically changing the way we do everything and it’ll be a crazy two weeks. Then on July 17th, I’m going on vacation. First to my sister’s house in St. Louis, then to Louisville, KY to see the Louisville Slugger museum and then on to Pittsburgh where I’ll hang out with some cool friends, eat some bad (for me) food, drink good beer and watch the Pirates. Then it’s back home again by July 23rd. I’ll start challenge #3 on July 22nd. Anyways, here are the pictures, sorry for the bed head:


C2 W6. Week 20.

May 5, 2012

Well then, last week I was at 254.6 and now I’m at 252.2. That’s 2.4 pounds in a  week and that’s 15.8 pounds since the start of the challenge and 55 pounds since the beginning. I’m now half way through Challenge 2. It’s really hard to believe I started 20 weeks ago and it’s already May 5th. Overall, I don’t think I did too good on nutrition this week, but I really pushed it on the workouts. So that’s probably what counts. Anyways, I lost 2.5 inches in the last week six week at the waist and two inches off my chest.

Pictures are in as well…

The changes between week 1, way back in December and today are just huge. In a lot of ways I don’t feel any different. I can’t wear the pants I wore back then, but I can still fit in most of my shirts comfortably. I went to the Avengers last night (which was freaking awesome, finally the Hulk in a good movie) and the movie theater seats seem bigger than last time. I have a lot less pain in my back, knees and hips. So yeah, keep it going here.

Ready to start again!

March 24, 2012

After two weeks of active rest, I’m ready to start challenge 2. Overall I’m feeling pretty good, I’ve been eating good. I went to a vendor appreciation meal Thursday night and had a beer there. They were good at providing mostly healthy food. Had some chicken, potatoes and veggies. They also had cake, which I took a small piece of.

This morning, I was at 268, after being at 269.8 last week. So that’s 1.8 pounds in a week. I took my measurements as well this morning. So I think I’m all ready to start tomorrow morning with Challenge 2, week 1! I’m looking forward to seeing what kind of progress I make in the next 12 weeks. 🙂

Here are my starting pictures:

Week 12 photos:

March 10, 2012

Click here to see the pictures from Day 1.

Here’s me about 20 minutes ago:

Also I have dropped from 276.8 last week to 273 even this week. I’ve lost 34.2 pounds since I started on December 18th. That is some incredible progress so far.

Week 6 Photos and summary:

January 27, 2012

Overall, week 6 was pretty challenging. (I know that I still have almost half a day, but I don’t care).

I went to Chicago on Saturday and had plenty of pizza (from Uno’s), beer and chips (from the Harry Caray Restaurant) with my good buddy there who showed me around the city. Since it was my day off, I didn’t sweat it too much. I got up early the next morning and got my upper body workout done at the hotel gym. It was nice that they had dumbbells there for us.The great thing was that the next day I was walking around downtown and I asked him if he’d like to have lunch but he couldn’t. (I went to the Sears Tower and the lady there said there was no visibility in the observation deck). Anyways, we were texting our good byes and thank-yous when he said “P.S. You look great! Keep up whatever it is you’re doing, ’cause it’s working!”

After that, I picked up a cab and went back to my hotel in order to get my car out of the parking garage before they charged me for another day. I drove to St. Louis. I was unable to get a good work out in on Monday, although I did walk about two miles around downtown St. Louis that afternoon. On Tuesday, my sister and I went to her Gold’s Gym and we went early Wednesday morning as well.

(Also the Chicago Bulls won on Saturday night and the Pittsburgh Penguins won on Tuesday night, so that made the trip even better! Oh and the Ravens lost too. So yeah, awesome weekend.)

Yesterday and today I was back to normal entirely. Vacations never seem to last long enough. Although, they wouldn’t be special if I had like 6 weeks of it a year.

Here’s photos for week 6. I had no idea that the change would be that noticable. The great thing about pictures is that they don’t lie….

Photos December 18, 2011

December 18, 2011

Here’s the before pictures. Not a pretty sight as you can see. Hopefully in a couple months it’ll be a much better view…